The Luxury Review: Manhattan

The Luxury Review: Manhattan

The Luxury Review is an exclusive press showcase displaying the latest in luxury products & services. Brands from multiple industries including automotive, jewelry, cosmetics, private aviation, resorts, spirits, electronics, home design and more will all be represented.

The invited attendees for this event include members of the press & media industry, editors, product analysts, studio executives, product integration & product placement professionals, tv/film producers, personal shoppers, stylists and special guests.

A member of the Green Restaurant Association, Rouge Tomate is dedicated to pro-actively addressing social and environmental issues, from the design of the restaurant to the development of the menu.

Under the direction of executive chef Jeremy Bearman, Rouge Tomate features delicious modern American cuisine featuring seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

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To RSVP for the Luxury Review Press Events please email: Emily Garibaldi of Harrison & Shriftman Public Relations: or call 917-351-8682.