Princess Theodora

Princess Theodora

Let Your Inner Princess Bloom…

Princess Theodora is about Fine Beauty & Wellness Products made of the most luxurious ingredients based on aroma and plant therapy. By applying ancient beauty secrets and formulas Princess Theodora’s exclusive products heal your skin, slow down the natural aging process and produce an overall wellbeing for body, mind and soul.

The Basic Principle and Philosophy of Princess Theodora is  to create a sanctuary for all women to unleash their ‘Inner Princess’ and feel like a princess with superior products, ideas and programs that care for their skin, body, mind and soul and to effectively slow down the natural aging process by significantly improving skin texture and appearance.

“Like the fragrant petals of a rose an inner princess blooms from a well-tended soul.” – Princess Theodora

Philanthropy: The Princess Theodora Foundation has been established to support the humane treatment of animals and animal rescue operations. The mission of the foundation, ‘Save A Soul’, is to help provide resources for the rescue and care of animals by donating ten percent of Princess Theodora’s net proceeds from all product sales and all net proceeds from the foundation’s fund raising events to selected shelters and animal rescue organizations.

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