Celadon & Celery Events

Celadon & Celery Events

Celadon & Celery is an eco-friendly event design and production company, for which prides itself on its holistic and artistic approach in its designs.  We are committed to creating a high design with an eye on the environment.

Celadon & Celery’s mission is to create eco elegance, which couples the art of design with the science of sustainability.

Celadon & Celery create “green” events, beautiful products and spaces that integrate respect for the planet’s resources.  One can experience the “green” artistry in our flower arrangements and events. We bring a fresh perspective to event design and create innovative events with contemporary flair. Our combination of classic traditions and modern execution ensures a flawless and unforgettable event. We are dedicated to providing an environment and atmosphere consistent with the occasion, the context and the desires, dreams, ideas and visions of its clients, tempered by taste, cost and respect for the environment. We incorporate a unique vision and personal style to meet the event objectives while ensuring that the client clearly sees their voice throughout the event design.

Being “green” means we conduct our day-to-day business using principles, policies, and practices that contribute to solving, rather than contributing to the environmental and social problems of our world. Celadon & Celery is “green” by choosing to support our local farmers; however, when the seasons change and we no longer have that option, we buy from certified vendors who sell flowers that are USDA Organic, Veriflora Certified, or Fair Trade Labeled. We also promote sustainable style through our use of recycled containers, fabrics, and salvaged materials.   We believe in sustainability as much as we believe in buying organic.
In our continuing commitment to the earth, we are replacing plastic trash bags with biodegradable bags, we are composting out waste with the Lower East Side Composting Center. The Lower Eastside Composting Center is a community–based recycling and composting program. We understand that composting helps preserve landfill space and reduce climate change by avoiding methane emissions from organic decay in landfills. The process of composting materials is very earth-friendly, for it turns these materials into nutrient rich soil that helps to grow fresh food. Knowing this, Celadon & Celery has joined forces with the Lower Eastside Composting Center.  We know as florists and designers that our industry lends itself to being wasteful; therefore, we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the earth by composting and replenishing the earth. Celadon & Celery is also taking an initiative in becoming more energy-efficient. We are taking the necessary steps needed to run the studio off of solar panels attached to our rooftop to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We care about our future generations and the current state of our planet. Celadon & Celery is part of the movement of shifting the “green” hype to reality.

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