Christopher Designs

Christopher Designs

Classic Beauty, Contemporary Design…everlasting value.

Christopher Designs impeccably blends old-world luxury and style with modern technology.

Renowned as the sole developer and purveyor of the Crisscut® Diamond Collection. Can be seen adorning the most sophisticated consumers around the world. The intriguing Crisscut® has 77 facets compared to a generic emerald cut’s 46 facets and it’s unique faceting optimizes the reflection of the light, increasing its radiance. The Collection featuring emerald, baguette, cushion, and asscher-shaped Crisscut® Diamonds has launched a new version using round brilliant diamond, this spectacular version utilizes 121 facet and has inspired and entirely new collection called the “Crisscut® Brilliant Collection.”Superior brilliance and fire are the signatures of this innovative cut of diamond.

Whether you desire a dramatic wedding set, bold anniversary band or piece of fine fashion jewelry, each Crisscut® design joins the hallmarks of technique, technology and taste for the ultimate in diamond jewelry.

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