50 years ago, from Paris to New York…

Henry Marteau, a French Army General’s son, had two dreams from childhood: to travel the globe and share with the world the “savoir faire” of French Jewelry.

In 1958, only a few years after the creation of “Georland”, Henry Marteau opened his first International Commercial Entity in New York. Since the early 60’s, the most prestigious French and International Jewelers have offered Georland the craftsmanship of their unique pieces and objects.

In the 70’s, Georland is organizing its international clientele:  Geneva and London order their first parures. Soon exceptional object will be made for the Middle and Far East: Tiara, Art Objects, Chandeliers with gold and precious stones… Our teams have then started to explore diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire mines.

Everything has been saved in Georland’s archives: drawings, molds, prototypes, and tools that testify from Georland’s early days and incredible diversity.

Georland, it’s a family business. Henry Marteau’s two sons, Stéphane and Jean-Gabriel, have been running the Georland operation since the early 90’s. Under this new impulsion, Georland is reinforced with a brand new Development Center (one of the most important of the industry), offering new production capacities equipped with the latest technical evolutions. Stéphane and Jean-Gabriel explore the different precious stone sourcing and set up a new powerful tool for planning and monitoring production. Within a few years, the gross income and the number of clients had doubled.

Today, Henry Marteau’s grandsons, Romain (26), Axel (24), Jean-Jérome (23) and Clément (21), are working along side their fathers in order to prepare for Georland’s future developments.

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