Studio Becker

Studio Becker

Studio Becker is a custom manufacturer of luxury, handmade furniture for every room in the home. The company is head-quartered in the San Francisco Bay area with manufacturing facilities in Germany.

Studio Becker began serving the US market in 1987 and has since expanded world-wide. They launched The Ultimate Wardrobe System® in 1999, and while kitchens and wardrobes remain the core of their Collections, they have evolved into an international leader in the manufacture of bespoke cabinetry and furniture for every room. Their extensive product line makes up The Ultimate Home Collection® – from ultra-modern, to very traditional and all points in between.

Studio Becker’s forward-thinking Product Development Team is always looking for the most practical, and at the same time, most attractive ways to store everything from stemware to underwear.  2010 brings the introduction of the Studio Becker Wine Cellar where beautiful form meets true function for safely storing and displaying a wine collection.

Manufacturing in Germany under the strictest environmental standards, Studio Becker is proud to be eco-friendly—a company where exquisite design, innovation and craftsmanship meet environmentally responsible production. For their cabinetry and other products, Studio Becker uses wood from sustainable sources, as well as recyclable materials that are PVC and formaldehyde-free.

There are two key points that make Studio Becker unique: The ultimate flexibility and extensive accessory options.

First, their ability to customize production is unparalleled. They are unmatched in their flexibility because they have no fixed sizes or dimensional limitations. This freedom of flexibility extends to their finishes as well, where any color, wood species or material, to include metal and leather, is available. Everything is custom made to order, and the beauty of the product line is this – if it can be designed, they can manufacture it.

Second, in their quest to make available the highest quality products that provide the ultimate in convenience, Studio Becker has created the most extensive accessory line available to complement their kitchen and wardrobe collections. Providing not only classic organizational pieces for drawers, Studio Becker also offers fine bone china, sterling silverware and mouth blown stemware. The company’s wardrobe accessories also boast endless possibilities that include everything from a cosmetic refrigerator and concealed safe, to luxury luggage and custom hangers that are hand-made by the same craftsmen that make hangers for the premier fashion houses in Europe.

Studio Becker has thought of the smallest details to make your life luxuriously organized.

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