The Luxury Review: New York

The Luxury Review: New York
October 12, 2011
6pm - 10pm
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
New York, New York
If you are a luxury brand looking to exhibit, please call Bradford Rand at 212.655.4505 ext. 223 or email him at

The Luxury Review is an exclusive press showcase & ultimate shopping experience displaying the latest in luxury products & services. Brands from multiple industries including automotive, jewelry, cosmetics, private aviation, resorts, spirits, electronics, home design and more will all be represented. A portion of all the sales will benefit The American Red Cross.

The invited attendees for this event include members of the press & media industry, editors, product analysts, studio executives, product integration & product placement professionals, tv/film producers, personal shoppers, stylists and affluent consumers.

Metropolitan Pavilion accommodates product launches, fashion shows, trade events, & more. State-of-the-art entertainment technology, private lobbies, & an indoor loading dock also contribute to Metropolitan Pavilion’s standing as Manhattan’s premier event destination.

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