Franklin 54 Gallery

Franklin 54 Gallery

Franklin 54 Gallery + Projects is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new abstract paintings by Edward Evans.  These new paintings as always reflect the mystery of the technique this artist uses as they are transformed into explosions of brilliant color moving in and out through the canvas as he continues this journey of intrigue. The contrasting colors are balanced so well as to enhance the push and pull directing the piece in many directions.  We are caught swirling, starting, stopping and bumped up against walls of colors and shapes but we feel we can also go through and inside. Intricate patterns are formed, the depths extend further and there is so much movement within the canvas you want to let it out of its boundaries.  The viewer wonders how can all this be on a flat 2 dimensional surface with such fantastic illusion. Therein lies the talent and accomplishment of the artist.

Evans is smart to present many of these pieces on large canvas as they like the breathing room and make a strong impact – Circling the Sun is one such strong work (58×80”) with a vibrant fragmented fireball of orange in the center surrounded by beautiful shades of rich browns, grays, greens and blues to cool it off. There is a circular motion to the piece but also an overlapping of forms and colors with the center infiltrated by the outside protective colors. Descendants of Cubism is a softer painting, calmer, rich in subtler color suggesting layers resting upon one another. Filled with light from within there are endless roads up and over in and out with recessed structures to hide in along the way. The sharpness of the line contrasts nicely with the softness from the artist’s use of the paint and shapes reminding us of friendly fabrics.  Like cubism there is an element of interlocking and fragmentation of forms here. These new works are truly a continuation of the journey paintings in a sense but they have now gone further, deeper, and brighter in their effect on us emotionally and Evans expertly brings it all out for us.

Edward Evans lives and works in Stroudsburg, PA. His works are included in major museums and corporate collections internationally along with numerous private collections.

Franklin 54 Gallery + Projects exhibits primarily abstract mixed media works by established mid career artists.

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