Lumete Eyewear

Lumete Eyewear

Founders Clara Herrera and Barbara Warren launched Lumete in July 2010 as a refreshing independent alternative in a market where fashion brands license out their eyewear lines to optical conglomerates. The difference shows in the uniqueness of Lumete designs, the comfortable fitting, and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship.

Our name “Lumete” (prounounced “lou-met”) is derived from the words lumen and amulet. The Renaissance alchemical concept of Lumen Naturae refers to the light hidden in all matter, which alchemists believed could be released and transformed through their work. An amulet is an object used for protection and luck. Eyeglasses are beautiful amulets that adorn your face, protect your eyes, and help you see clearly. Metaphorically, they connect your inner vision and your perception of the world.

Our brand and our collection are inspired by alchemical and Gnostic symbolism and we seek to instill that sense of wonder and reverence to every piece we make.

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