Divina Natural Skin Care

Divina Natural Skin Care

Welcome to DIVINA NATURAL 100% NATURAL SKIN CARE. Sheila Jacaman is  founder and creator of DIVINA NATURAL.  Her interest   in developing creams began in 1999 because she could not find a cream that truly nourished and protected her  skin.

Sheila Jacaman has 18 years experience is in sales and research development of juice blends for multi-national, international juice companies. Two years into beginning the juice company, she  was contracted to supply proprietary ingredients for juice blends for Nestle, one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.  Ms. Jacaman’s company  became Nestle’s largest ingredient supplier worldwide. She  created the key blend component in five of Nestle’s Juicey Juice products. Being the premier, preferred supplier to the prestigious Suisse Company led her to add sophisticated analytical equipment for her company’s research laboratory.  For 15 years Sheila Jacaman  did personal analytical research on almost every variety of grape worldwide as well as other fruits.

Ms. Jacaman is passionate about chemistry and blending natural products, which is her area of specialized mastery and expertise.  She has received training in her own  laboratory and in third party prestigious laboratories by some of the most renowned  chemists in juice authenticity analysis. In addition, her  laboratory was certified to test and evaluate other natural products besides juices and fruits. The chemist at heart began to explore essential oils, esters, essences, honey and aloe vera.

In her  mind she formulated a vision of what could be done with these natural and wonderful ingredients.  Ms. Jacaman began to experiment by making a body cream for herself, which she  shared with family and friends. They asked for more!  Ms. Jacaman was excited to see their enthusiasm and the  passion was born.

Now, DIVINA NATURAL, has emerged and the lotion line has evolved into
a luxurious skin care line.  Ms. Jacaman  has partnered with her  two daughters, Sheila Yvonne and Jalene Cardenas, who provide youthful insight, vitality and discerning expertise.

THE DIVINA NATURAL product is growing and  in high demand.  Our body lotions are luxurious and superb! We use only 100% pure, natural and/or organic products. We incorporate aromatherapy into our blend in order to stimulate the senses and calm the mind and body.
Our goal is to cater to each individual’s skin care needs, providing you with beautiful, healthy looking skin.DIVINA NATURAL looks forward to introducing these wonderful products to you and hope you become as passionate about them as we have.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions and feedback.  We hope to become your world-class natural skin care provider.


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