Bucco Couture

Bucco Couture

Beginning this summer 2011 busy men and women can have a real sense of quality that captures and illuminates a sense of style and elegance when it comes to their clothing needs, Carmen Bucco today announced his new Couture line that is a perfectly shaped hand cut and hand sewn tailored garment with a statement of sophistication and traditional elegance which incorporates luxurious fabrics, quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Also new for 2011 virtual closet where you upload your photos of your clothing and put it into the proper category.  You will always know what you have and need to add in your closet.

Custom suits by Bucco Couture are available to all men and women in the convenience of their home or office and by appointment only.

Carmen Bucco has been serving his clients for the past 10 years and considers this new line a life time opportunity to clients in the tri-state area. The Couture line is distinctly elegant and designed to make every man or woman feel beautiful in their clothing.

Bucco Couture - http://www.buccocouture.com/