Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

Ivanka Trump presents a collection of unique jewels that Rock Tradition with a modern twist on fine jewelry’s most desirable classics from the 20’s to the 60’s. Ivanka has combined her innate understanding of modern luxury with a vision of heirloom-chic jewelry that fits perfectly into the lives of today’s intelligent, self-assured women and inspires elegance in a new generation.

In September 2007, Ivanka partnered with Dynamic Diamond Corp., one of the most respected diamond companies in the world to launch her fine jewelry collection with the opening of a jewel-box boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City. Access to breathtaking diamonds and an unwavering commitment to superior quality of craftsmanship further distinguish the elegantly youthful and stylish collections. Ivanka’s seal of approval, her personal signature and a trademarked coral enamel accent mark each piece that bears her name.

The collection has achieved niche positioning in the luxury world by successfully taking a fresh approach to design and positioning. The effortless glamour and modern elegance of each piece has resulted in a “refined yet unpretentiously chic” jewelry collection that “pays homage to the past while embracing the future” — remaining true to its motto: Rock Tradition. The heirloom-chic aesthetic has captured the attention of stylish women of all ages who appreciate the brand’s ability to youthfully reinvent important legacy jewelry. The brand also stands apart with Ivanka’s power to influence a new generation of younger female consumers who admire and identify with Ivanka’s ideals.

The jewelry collection has achieved resounding success and editorial accolades from the top fashion titles, such as The New York Times, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, and Oprah, among other prestigious media outlets. Widely perceived as “classy,” “diverse,” “timeless,” and “thoroughly appealing to today’s women,” Trump’s jewels have, in a short time, secured their place in the luxury market as well as with red-carpet style icons such as Demi Moore, Oprah, Lindsay Price, Ginnifer Goodwin, Brooke Shields, Natalie Portman, Emmy Rossum, and Blake Lively among others. Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry was also named number 1 one new fine jewelry brand for 2011 by United Brands.

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