Tsar Nicoulai Caviar

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar

Certain palates and certain events just demand the distinctive culinary experience of caviar.

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar was founded to create the finest caviar available. It’s a glamorous party essential for any kind of entertaining or when you just want something that’s a cut above.

We are a James Beard Award winner and have won the praises of renowned food critics and chefs alike. We offer a selection of five exquisite grades of caviar and related products to satisfy the most demanding of tastes.

Our artisanal caviars and other products are available at fine retail stores worldwide and are featured in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. They are served at distinguished restaurants including Hakkasan in San Francisco, Las Vegas, & Beverly Hills (Executive Chef Ho Chee Boon); COI in San Francisco (Executive Chef Daniel Pattersen); Bouchon in Las Vegas (Executive Chef Thomas Keller); and Picasso in Las Vegas (Executive Chef Julian Serrano).

Tsar Nicoulai enjoys a loyal following of fine food enthusiasts who prefer the simple goodness of a top- quality product. Why the dedicated following? They appreciate its complex flavors and the fresh, palate- pleasing character so prized in fine caviar. Each grade features the optimal bead size and color ranging from the jet black of our Estate to the gold and platinum hues of our Crown Jewel. From the refined “pop” at first taste to the smooth buttery finish, Tsar Nicoulai Caviar is a joy to experience.

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar was founded over thirty years ago by industry pioneers and has been producing world- renowned artisanal caviar ever since. We also offer exquisite cold-smoked Atlantic salmon and gourmet flavored roes from trout, whitefish, salmon, and American paddlefish that provide a related yet tastefully different experience from caviar.

As with any craft, the creation of caviar must begin with the finest ingredients. The finest ingredients in this case can only come from the finest, healthiest fish.

Tsar Nicoulai caviar is always produced fresh, from sustainably farmed American white sturgeon. Sturgeon worldwide are endangered and most are protected, so we raise and harvest our own stock of superior fish. We thus ensure a dependable supply of top-quality artisanal caviar without depleting threatened native stock. We also control the entire process, from raising the fish to
processing their roe, so we are able to exert standards of quality control not available elsewhere. Our caviar master has over thirty years of experience, and oversees every aspect.

Our fish are raised in artesian well water and fed an all-natural diet at environmentally friendly aquaculture facilities in the western United States. Our sturgeon are raised naturally. We do not use any antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, biocides, bioengineering, radiation, fertilizers, or synthetic preservatives. Our farms are integrated, ecologically sustainable systems based upon natural biodiversity and biological processes to keep our sturgeon free from disease and stress. For example, natural duckweed grows on the surface to provide shade for the fish, and water hyacinth provides natural filtration.

Our sturgeon thrive in these pristine conditions for seven to nine years until they are mature enough to produce caviar. The roe is then harvested on-site before being quick-shipped to our production facilities in San Francisco. We use only a small amount of fine sea salt – a traditional process known as malossal. The end result is wonderfully fresh taste with a buttery smooth finish.

For more than three decades, we have been recognized internationally as pioneers in farming sturgeon for caviar, and have been instrumental in educating caviar producers worldwide on the methods of sustainability.

We ship our caviar direct, nestled in frozen gel packs. Storage instructions are included. When serving, we suggest transferring the caviar to a two-piece crystal bowl set, with shaved ice in the lower bowl. Alternatively, nestle the opened jar in a bowl filled with shaved ice. When serving caviar, never use metal utensils as the alloys change its taste. Use only nonreactive materials such as glass, mother of pearl or even plastic. Serve Tsar Nicoulai Caviar on fresh blinis (traditional Russian buckwheat pancakes) with a dollop of tangy crème fraîche, paired with champagne or fine, chilled vodka. Caviar recipes abound online.

If your important events just aren’t complete without the old-world refinement of this most prized of culinary gems, or if you can’t get through your weekend without a little taste of luxury, yet you are concerned about environmental impacts, fear not. Our caviar ensures both a clear conscience and epicurean satisfaction.

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